Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Family photo shoot

Amaya ia 4 months in these photo's she is so big, I can't believe it! I call her little miss Diva, because she is so demanding and sassy! (again the mothers trait) oops! But how can you resist those cute little chubby cheeks! She was totally ham in' it up for the photographer. oh dear what have I raised already! She is getting to be so much fun at this age always giving her mommy and daddy smiles! We just adore her!

Amaya 4 weeks

After a long hard recovery, and a very fussy, but cute baby I think I am ready to start blogging again. These are some of my favorite newborn pictures of Amaya, as you can tell from the first picture she was a very sad little baby! Who wouldn't be with all that she went through!! Every time I look at this picture it melts my heart! she takes after her mom, grandma, and great grandmas

Monday, July 13, 2009

Amaya Lei Smith

On July 3,2009 at 4:09 pm we welcomed our sweet little girl into this world! 7lbs.14 oz 19 inches. Starting at 5am that morning my water broke! what a crazy feeling that was!!! We took our time eating breakfast,and made our way to the hospital, when we got there I was hooked up to all the machines, started the IV for my epidural, which I was completely terrified of!! Come to find out it is not bad at all, actually quit pleasant, so much that I was actually laughing during contractions! everything seemed to be progressing so smoothly, I dilated so quickly, and was able to start pushing, Well after 31/2 hours of pushing, baby was not going anywhere!!! so doctor recommended a c-section,which I also was terrified of! Well my worst fears came true! They started prepping me for the c-section, and gave me some more drugs,well the drugs did not work all that much cause when they ask can you feel that? umm yes I can feel that, get your hands off of me!!! The anesthesiologist was there telling me you just let me know when you can't handle it any more and i will put you down, but for the babies sake they didn't want to, so as I am feeling most of what is going on down there, the worst part was hearing the doctors screaming and grunting trying to get my baby out!! She was so lodged in my pelvis that doctor number 1 couldn't even get her out, so doctor number 2 had to reach in and get her, as soon as they cut babies umbilical cord they put me out hoping that i would forget most of it! But I will never forget the fear in the doctors voices that day! it will haunt me for ever! Due to such a traumatic labor and delivery me and baby where pretty beat up! especially my little Amaya, she had a black eye, bruises over her entire body, and worst of all a fractured scull! So we met with a neurologist yesterday, got a CT scan, and NOW I can say that my baby is going to be fine!!!!! Doc says that it should heal fine! the worst she could have is a huge bump on her head, no brain damage! As long as she is ok that is fine with me!!

We have been so blessed this pass week with our little miracle! we have felt everybody's love and prayers during this time. We are so lucky to have such AMAZING family, friends and doctors, I can't thank everybody enough!

Mommy and baby uniting for the first time after 8 hours!

Daddy's first diaper change ever, in 31 years to the day!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Nursury Pics

Here are the photos everybody has been asking me to post! So I finally did it! Enjoy!

This little girl is going to be so spoiled! she all ready has a full wardrobe, and her shoe collection is starting to look like her mommas! I am in trouble!!!

The cutest diaper cake I have ever seen, my sister in-law Lindsay made for me. Thanks ZZ!

My little art projects.

Pregnant photos

Look at my feet!!! I have elaphantitis! This is one of the joys about my pregnancy, not to mention I have pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. But it's all worth it right?! So I here! But at least I have cute toenails! This is my belly at 35 weeks, since then it has gotten bigger, so has my face!

Monday, March 23, 2009


A few Weeks ago Cody and I decided to take one last trip before the baby comes! We went with some friends Liz and Chris. Not long into our trip we broke our camera!!!!!! Not cool! But luckily, Liz came to our rescue, she is an amazing little photographer who takes pictures just for fun, so she was able to help us capture the memories of our vacation! Thanks Liz!
We had so much fun! and now we are patiently waiting for our baby girl to arrive!

Me and Liz

Cody and Chris

Cute Kissie sunset pictures!

Preggers pictures 22 weeks

The Maui Ocean Center
The old Lahaina Luau!